PRRT:  Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy is a type of targeted radiation therapy; a radioactive isotope is attached to a sandostatin analogue and injected into the bloodstream.  The radionuclide attaches to the surface of the tumors resulting in delivery of radiation to the tumor. 

FDA Approval Status:  Approval by the FDA is pending, hopefully by early 2018.

Webinar on PRRT (Oct 2015): The Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the NorCal CarciNET Community hosted a webinar on PRRT featuring Dr. Ed Wolin and Dr. Eric Mittra. NorCal CarciNET's Josh Mailman facilitated the ensuing question and answer session.

PRRT: Who, What, When, Where, and How: A presentation to the support group by Thomas Goergen, M.D. (radiologist and caregiver) with Ann Eickhoff and Gary Bate (PRRT patients).  We are available to other members of the Support Group who are seeking more information about PRRT.  Please contact him through the Contact Us page on this site.  

PRRT, A Patient's Perspective:  Presentation by David Van Bibber at the LACNETS meeting, July, 2013. David is happy to answer questions about his experience; contact him through the Contact Us page on this site.

PRRT Insurance Payment, "Don't Give Up!":   One patient's experience getting coverage from Blue Shield HMO for PRRT in Germany. is a site for patients considering PRRT treatment.  While much of this information can be used by patients seeking treatment at any PRRT center, this site's focus is on the treatment provided by Dr. Richard Baum and his team located in Bad Berka, Germany. The site also provides links to a select number of other medical centers that offer PRRT.

PRRT and Ga-68 Scanning, Where, When and How?:  This is a 25 minute, fairly technical presentation by Josh Mailman, President of the NorCal CarciNet Community on the status and issues of Ga-68 scanning and PRRT.  Josh Mailman established the PRRT Info website (above). 

Excel Diagnostics PRRT Center (Houston, Texas):  Excel Diagnostics initial investigational PRRT study using LU-177 Octreotate is closed.  They currently provide PRRT to new patients for $7,968 (January 2017).  Contact their patient coordinator, Susan Cork, for updated information by clicking on the link.

Yttrium-90 DOTA-TOC Intra-arterial (IA) PRRT:  This is a prospective phase 1 study at UC San Francisco which started July 1, 2017.  All patients must have liver metastases (all primary tumor sites eligible).  The isotope is delivered directly into the hepatic artery via a catheter.  For more details, click on the link.