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Insurance Issues:  This paper provides guidelines for navigating insurance when seeking out of network coverage or coverage for specialized treatments.  For more information click here.  

Drug Coverage:  Drugs approved by the FDA for treatment of certain types of cancer are sometimes used for treatment of metastatic NETs; e.g., Temozolomide.  This drug is recognized for treatment of brain tumors; prescribing temozolomide for treatment of NET liver metastases is considered an "off label" use of the drug.  When billing insurance, if the code describing the medical justification for using the drug is described as "neuroendocrine tumor", coverage may be denied.  On the other hand, if the code describing the medical justification is "liver metastases", the drug may be covered.   

Co-pay Assistance for Sandostatin LAR:   Novartis Pharmaceuticals sponsored support program limiting the co-pay to no more than $25 per Sandostatin LAR Depot prescription. Novartis Pharmaceuticals will pay the remainder of the co-pay for their Sandostatin LAR Depot.  To enroll in the program click here

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