Spiritual Support

For some patients, spiritual support is an important aspect of cancer care because it includes a message of encouragement and hope through belief in a higher power which brings comfort and calm in the midst of challenging circumstances.

To address this need, we developed an option for spiritual support as a facet of our support group.  Prayer meetings, when planned, will be included in the meeting announcement.  Those interested in meeting for prayer are invited to arrive at the meeting site 45 minutes prior to the regular meeting.  The prayer format is designed to be sensitive to all faiths and everyone is invited to join.  Prayer requests and conversations are held to the highest and strictest standards of privacy and confidentiality.

“Hush", a song written by Giovanni Imbesi: "Hush, featuring singer Toni Peete was written in 2006 while I was recovering from surgery for neuroendocrine carcinoid cancer. The lyrics were inspired by a very special nurse who was part of my healing team and the song is dedicated to her, Adriana Arienti. It’s meant to inspire peacefulness and quiet in the midst of frightening medical diagnoses, surgery and facing the unknown of cancer treatment."  In 2014, Giovanna dedicated her song to "Songs for Life", a new contest to support cancer research.  Click here to hear the song.