Imaging Tests

Gallium-68 PET/CT Scan: For more information click here.  As of June 1, 2017, Gallium-68 PET/CT scans are available in the Nuclear Medicine Departments at UCSD (La Jolla Campus) and Scripps.    

Indium-111 Octreotide SPECT Scan:  Generally available in all nuclear medicine departments, the Octreotide Scan is used for the detection of somatostatin positive NETs (primary and metastatic).  As the Gallium-68 scan becomes more widely available and covered by insurance, it should replace the Octreotide Scan.  (Medicare coverage was approved on January 1, 2017.)  Compared to the In-111 Octreotide Scan, Gallium-68 scanning delivers a much lower radiation dose and is completed the same day as the injection.  For the Octreotide Scan, images are acquired at 24 hours post injection; 48 hour images may also be required.  

Eovist:  Preferred MRI contrast agent for detection/evaluation of liver metastases.  For more information click here.