Mission Statement

The San Diego Neuroendocrine Tumor Support Group (SDNETS) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.  Our mission is to provide support through group discussion and a mentoring program, to share challenges and experiences, to learn about prognosis and treatment options, to provide the latest information about the diagnosis and treatment of NETS including carcinoid tumors, and to facilitate access to resources for patients, families, friends and caregivers.  We share our experiences in a comforting, emotionally supportive and caring environment.

The group meets once a month, usually the third Saturday at 10 am as the San Rafael Community Center in Rancho Bernardo; light refreshments are offered. The typical meeting format begins with a presentation on a selected topic followed by an open forum.  New members are welcomed and asked to share their journey with the group. All members may seek insights for managing their disease, particularly as treatments or new challenges arise.

The support group was founded by Janice Naritomi-Hart and the current board is committed to continuing her legacy.  Jan's Celebration of Life can be viewed here.

San Diego Neuroendocrine Tumor Support Group is an IRS approved Section 501(c)(3) organization (Taxpayer Identification Number 47-5561442).  Currently, we only accept donations by check. Mail your donation to SDNETS, C/O T. Goergen, PO Box 8037, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.  Donate when you shop on Amazon: Instead of amazon.com, access Amazon at https://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-5561442 to sign up. Once you sign up, .5% of all eligible purchases will be donated to our charity.  Just remember to use smile.amazon.com when you shop!

September 15, 2018, 10 am- noon at our regular meeting site in Rancho Bernardo.  Facilitator: David VanBibber.
Facebook:  Join us on Facebook - We have a SD NETS group page; links regarding NETS treatments and research are added frequently.  Click on this link (you will need to sign up for Facebook if you don't have an account), click on "Join", and you will be added within a few days.

Mentoring Program:  Would you like the opportunity to talk to someone privately about your issues?  Many of our members have volunteered to serve as mentors. Contact us at info.sdoczebras@gmail.com.  
What's the deal with zebras and NETs?  Doctors are often taught to "think horses when you hear hoof beats," to encourage them to focus on the most likely causes of symptoms.  Less common diseases, like NETs are "zebras" not horses.  So, sometimes "when you hear hoofbeats", you need to think "zebras".